How to integrate different systems

The data that comes from various systems into an application should be handled in a way that we have to do minimum of the work for integration with different systems that provide data. Defined a common interface. All the systems that provide data have to provide a database that follows the interface specification. Application should … Read more

Search an enum by a unique attribute

I was recently defining an enum with some keys. But the enum needed more than a key. It also needed a configuration parameter that would define if this key has some special feature avaliable. So I defined the enum with a constructor that had 2 inputs, the key and the configuration boolean attribute. Now the … Read more

How should dependencies be managed in maven

Multi module projects in maven are a great thing. But have you ever faced issues with multi module projects. With lots of smaller services and 1 parent for all the services. Some services at any point may need different dependencies or different versions of same dependencies. So it be better have <optional> on dependencies that … Read more