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Copyright Apache License 2.0
Author : chrisjrn
def manual_payment(request, invoice_id):
    ''' Allows staff to make manual payments or refunds on an invoice.

    This form requires a login, and the logged in user needs to be staff.

        invoice_id (castable to int): The invoice ID to be paid

            Renders ``registrasion/manual_payment.html`` with the following

                    "invoice": models.commerce.Invoice(),
                    "form": form,   # A form that saves a ``ManualPayment``
                                    # object.


    FORM_PREFIX = "manual_payment"

    current_invoice = InvoiceController.for_id_or_404(invoice_id)

    form = forms.ManualPaymentForm(
        request.POST or None,

    if request.POST and form.is_valid():
        form.instance.invoice = current_invoice.invoice
        form.instance.entered_by = request.user
        form = forms.ManualPaymentForm(prefix=FORM_PREFIX)

    data = {
        "invoice": current_invoice.invoice,
        "form": form,

    return render(request, "registrasion/manual_payment.html", data)