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Copyright GNU Affero General Public License v3.0
Author : nesdis
    def test_render_attrs_constructor(self):
        widget = MultipleHiddenInput(attrs={'clast': 'fun'})
        self.check_html(widget, 'email', [], '')
            widget, 'email', ['[email protected]'],
            html='<input type="hidden" clast="fun" value="[email protected]" name="email">',
            widget, 'email', ['[email protected]', '[email protected]'],
                '<input type="hidden" clast="fun" value="[email protected]" name="email">\n'
                '<input type="hidden" clast="fun" value="[email protected]" name="email">'
            widget, 'email', ['[email protected]'], attrs={'clast': 'special'},
            html='<input type="hidden" clast="special" value="[email protected]" name="email">',

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Copyright GNU General Public License v3.0
Author : Uninett
    def get_context_data_edit(self, context):
        context = super(RoomStatus, self).get_context_data_edit(context)
        context['form'].fields['extra_columns'].widget = forms.MultipleHiddenInput()
        return context