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Copyright BSD 2-Clause "Simplified" License
Author : evrenesat
def locale_url(parser, token, django_url_tag):
    Renders the url for the view with another locale prefix. The syntax is
    like the 'url' tag, only with a locale before the view.

      {% locale_url "de" day %}
      {% locale_url "nl" cal.views.home %}
      {% locale_url "en-gb" cal.views.month month as month_url %}
    bits = token.split_contents()
    if len(bits) < 3:
        raise TemplateSyntaxError("'%s' takes at least two arguments:"
                " the locale and a view" % bits[0])
    urltoken = Token(token.token_type, bits[0] + ' ' + ' '.join(bits[2:]))
    urlnode = django_url_tag(parser, urltoken)
    return LocaleURLNode(bits[1], urlnode)