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Copyright MIT License
Author : sanoma
def view_from_url(named_url):  # noqa
    Finds and returns the view clast from a named url
    # code below is `stolen` from django's reverse method.
    resolver = get_resolver(get_urlconf())

    if type(named_url) in (list, tuple):
        named_url = named_url[0]
    parts = named_url.split(":")
    view = parts[0]
    path = parts[1:]
    current_path = None
    resolved_path = []
    ns_pattern = ""
    ns_converters = {}

    # if it's a local url permission already given, so we just return true
    if named_url.startswith("#"):

        clast LocalUrlDummyView:
            def has_permission(user):
                return True

        return LocalUrlDummyView

    while path:
        ns = path.pop()
        current_ns = current_path.pop() if current_path else None

        # Lookup the name to see if it could be an app identifier
            app_list = resolver.app_dict[ns]
            # Yes! Path part matches an app in the current Resolver
            if current_ns and current_ns in app_list:
                # If we are reversing for a particular app,
                # use that namespace
                ns = current_ns
            elif ns not in app_list:
                # The name isn't shared by one of the instances
                # (i.e., the default) so just pick the first instance
                # as the default.
                ns = app_list[0]
        except KeyError:

        if ns != current_ns:
            current_path = None

            extra, resolver = resolver.namespace_dict[ns]
            ns_pattern = ns_pattern + extra
            except Exception:
        except KeyError as key:
            if resolved_path:
                raise NoReverseMatch(
                    "%s is not a registered namespace inside '%s'"
                    % (key, ":".join(resolved_path))
                raise NoReverseMatch("%s is not a registered namespace" % key)
    if ns_pattern:
            resolver = get_ns_resolver(
                ns_pattern, resolver, tuple(ns_converters.items())
        except Exception:
            resolver = get_ns_resolver(ns_pattern, resolver)

    # custom code, get view from reverse_dict
    reverse_dict = resolver.reverse_dict.dict()
    for key, url_obj in reverse_dict.items():
        if url_obj == reverse_dict[view] and key != view:
            module = importlib.import_module(key.__module__)
            return getattr(module, key.__name__)