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Copyright MIT License
Author : harvard-lil
def url_to_js_string(target_url="http://case.test:8000/maintenance/?no_toolbar", out_path="maintenance.html", new_domain=""):
    """ Save target URL and all astets as a single Javascript-endoded HTML string. """
    import webpage2html
    from urllib.parse import urljoin, urlparse
    from mincss.processor import Processor
    import re
    from django.utils.html import escapejs

    # prefill webpage2html with reduced css files from mincss, removing unused styles
    p = Processor()
    for astet in p.links:
        href = urljoin(target_url, astet.href)
        content = astet.after
        content = re.sub(r'/\*.*?\*/', '', content, flags=re.S)  # remove css comments
        webpage2html.webpage2html_cache[href] = content

    # use webpage2html to capture target_url as single string
    data = webpage2html.generate(target_url)
    data = data.replace("\n", "")   # remove linebreaks
    if new_domain:
        # replace case.test:8000 with
        data = data.replace(urlparse(target_url).netloc, new_domain)
    data = escapejs(data)           # encode for storage in javascript