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0 View Complete Implementation : parsers.py , under MIT License , by ndokter
    def validate_checksum(telegram):
        :param str telegram:
        :raises ParseError:
        :raises InvalidChecksumError:

        # Extract the part for which the checksum applies.
        checksum_contents = re.search(r'\/.+\!', telegram, re.DOTALL)

        # Extract the hexadecimal checksum value itself.
        # The line ending '\r\n' for the checksum line can be ignored.
        checksum_hex = re.search(r'((?<=\!)[0-9A-Z]{4})+', telegram)

        if not checksum_contents or not checksum_hex:
            raise ParseError(
                'Failed to perform CRC validation because the telegram is '
                'incomplete. The checksum and/or content values are missing.'

        calculated_crc = CRC16().calculate(checksum_contents.group(0))
        expected_crc = int(checksum_hex.group(0), base=16)

        if calculated_crc != expected_crc:
            raise InvalidChecksumError(
                "Invalid telegram. The CRC checksum '{}' does not match the "
                "expected '{}'".format(